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Deodorized absorbent bedding

DRYTALL is a dry hygienic material and is used as an absorbent bedding and for controlling insects in livestock locations.

DRYṪALL Fresh is a granulated deodorized hygienic bedding with high odor adsorption properties.

Advantages of DRYṪALL:

  • Effectively neutralizes ammonia and hydrogen sulfide vapours
  • Minimizes the risk of damage to the mouth and skin of animals
  • Prevents the development of malignant bacteria and fungi via antibacterial properties
  • Destroys harmful eggs and larvae
  • Improves physical adaptation of animal offspring
  • Perfect temperature regulation
  • Effective moisture absorption
  • High level of sanitation
  • Highly economical
  • Comfortable working conditions for personnel
  • DRYṪALL is completely safe for the environment, animals and humans

Any leftover DRYṪALL can be used as an organic fertilizer for crops or in the garden.

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